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The New Artists.

Timur Novikov: Roots – E-E Kozlov: Cosmos

Text: Hannelore Fobo, 2020

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(E-E) Evgenij Kozlov
В этом мире всё материально, кроме мысли.
Everything in this world but thought is material.

Front page crayon on cardboard, 14.5 x 18.4 cm.Berlin 1955-2020.
The text continues on the reverse (see below >>). The full text (front and reverse) is the title of a painting from 2020, a fragment of which can be seen below the cardboard.

Photo: Hannelore Fobo, 2020

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Chapter 4: The Leningrad subculture of the 1980s /Knowledge of Western trends

Chapter 7: The New Artists group and the New Artists movement

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(E-E) Evgenij Kozlov
(Даже Душа имеет свой вес и объём)
(Even the soul possesses weight and volume)

Reverse, crayon on cardboard, 14.5 x 18.4 cm. Berlin 1955-2020.
The text on the front page is at th top of the page. The full text (front and reverse) is the title of a painting from 2020, a fragment of which can be seen below the cardboard.

Photo: Hannelore Fobo, 2020

Introduction: The ostensibly synchronistic evolution of the New Artists

Part One: The New Artists and the Russian avant-garde

Chapter 1. Timur Novikov: native roots and western influences

Chapter 2. Perestroika, the Mayakovsky Friends Club, and pop art

Chapter 3. E-E Kozlov: Two Cosmic Systems

Chapter 4. ROSTA Windows stencil techniques – updated

Chapter 5. The inclusion or exclusion of stylistic influences

Chapter 6. From Mayakovsky to Larionov and folk art: something of everything

Chapter 7. Beyond the trend: Kozlov’s portrait of Timur Novikov (1988)

Chapter 8. Cosmopolitism and ethnicity: how Russian is the Russian avant-garde?

Chapter 9. Narodnost’: quite simply the people

Part Two: E-E Kozlov and Peterhof

Chapter 10. Fishing at Peter the Great’s pond
Chapter 11. The Petrodvorets Canteen Combine

Chapter 12. Galaxy Gallery

Chapter 13. A perception of pureness

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Research / text / layout: Hannelore Fobo, May / September 2020.

Uploaded 24 September 2020