E-E = mc3 ist an art-formula which could appear only in the 20th century. We recognize, of course, Einstein's formula in physics, the equivalence of energy and matter. I developed it further for art. First of all one needs to know that "E-E" must be pronounced "Yeah-Yeah". This corresponds to the Russian pronounciation of the letter "E". At the same time "E-E" was my artificial name. I want to stress the fact that it was my artificial name, not my artist name.

Withal E-E goes beyond pop-culture. What I accomplish in art ist the next step after pop-culture, in other words an enlarged kind of pop-culture. In which respect? First of all, pop-culture is a phenomenon belonging to America, its icon was Andy Warhol and his soup-cans and Marilyn Monroes.
The strentgh of this art lies in its pictures, but it does not really go into depth. This is where I go in art. In my art you see not only pictures, it advances into spiritual dimensions. It is therefore significant in at least two countries, America and Russia. In comparison with pop-culture, it doubles its territory.

In the second part of the equation, mc3, "m" stands for microphone. The microphone is the instrument or means by which a message is transmitted. "C cubed" is time - yesterday, today, tomorrow. This signifies that while an artist creates a work of art today, he makes use of whatever has been created in the past, intending to make the creation valid in the future. Naturally, this formula is substantial not only for my own art. It is applicable to the works of all artists. It is a universal formula substituting all -isms in art..

Evgenij Kozlov, 2002