Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch,Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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page 115

Friday. Katya. 15 years old: “And how is it, is it alright like this?”

1972 Novy Petergof. Fraiday.

page 116

– It’s not only alright, it’s excellent! Don’t worry, you have beautiful breasts, exactly how they’re supposed to be. They are very well developed.

“Dear, my dearest…oh wait… but not so fast…! I wanted to ask you the whole time: “Don’t you think I have too much?”

– Where did you get that idea, too much? It is a lot but who cares?

“Well, I was scared that you wouldn’t like them.”

– Why?

“Why why? The other girls don’t have ones like these, do they?”

– Of course they don’t have ones like those. So what? Now, stop that!

“Are you serious, you really like them? (flirtatious).”

– Yes. “Well good, then I can come back tomorrow maybe?”

– You know, I’m really busy the whole week. The best would be if you come back on your day.

“And when is my day?”

– On Friday.

“What, another whole week?”

– If you don’t like it, then leave it.

“No, no, whatever are you thinking of, I’ll definitely come. And you really like them? Actually, they are really beautiful!?! You see, I’ve always loved them alone but now we can do it together.”

– Kati, and the boys have never really tried to chat you up?

“Oh, of course, the whole time, they don’t give it a rest. And the adults are also staring all the time, it totally gets on my nerves.”

– And?

“And? I’m embarrassed, that’s what it is.”

– Don’t be bothered by that.

“That doesn’t work. It’s not even so bad with the boys, they pull my ponytail or tug at my skirt but the adults, they gape at me from all sides…”

– Why? “Why, that you can see yourself…”

– That’s true, they are nice. “Really?”

– Yes, sure.

“Thank you. Honestly, it’s not my fault, they want to touch them all the time but don’t think that I let them.”

– No, I don’t think that.

“Although, you know, when my parents aren’t there and I look at myself in the mirror then I like to touch them too. And then it feels so good that I forget!”

– Amazing.

“Should I let you touch them too? But don’t tell the boys.”

– Alright, I won’t tell.

“Are you sure?”

– Cross my heart.

“You I believe, I already liked you in first grade…”

– But you were still really young then.

“So what? But take the bra off on your own.”

– Why?

“I’m a bit embarrassed.”

– Because of me?

“No, not because of you, on the contrary, because of them (blushes). If you want, I can even come every day, at least for a half an hour…?”

– Well, that’s not it…

“Just for a bit, don’t worry…”

– Well, if it’s not for long then it’s OK.

“And when?”

–The best would be right after school.

“At two?”

– Let’s say from two to three.

“And in the evening?”

– In the evenings it’s better always Fridays and if possible, put on a short skirt.

“The shortest one?”

– Yes, of course, you know that.

“Good, I have one like that (meaning I’ll shorten it), where you can even see a bit – OK?”

– OK, my little one…

“But then we’ll take it off anyway, right?

– Then we’ll take it off for sure. But first I’ll look for a while.

“Sweetheart, don’t forget that I’ll be waiting. You’ll be alone, won’t you?”

– What do you mean?

“Because of your parents.”

– Don’t you know that? They went up north half a year ago to earn money for the new apartment. And yours?

“Mine are at home but that doesn’t matter, I’ll think up something”…

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