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The album

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The album

The artistic evolution of the drawings

Song of Desire

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The drawings came into being in the years between 1967 and 1973, they begin with the sixth class and end shortly after finishing school.

Evgenij Kozlov created them in the few undisturbed moments when he was alone in the room or “when some pretty neighbor’s daughters came to visit…”

Later, after the family had moved into their own apartment, he drew at night in the dim light of the kitchen lamp, always on the guard against the sudden entering of his parents. In the secrecy of the emergence, in the use of the simplest means, in the signs of time which have left their marks on the paper and ink, here lies the magic of the drawings.

All in all 256 pages have been preserved (and an unknown number have been destroyed).

On the reverse the ink drawings show through as a weak print with its own appeal and sometimes stories or other elements have been added. That is why not only the front of the pages are of importance but also their reverse.

Rückseite einer Zeichnung

We have chosen 108 pages for the album – quite a lot of them with front and back – in such a way that the development of the drawings remains vivid in the course of time. A few cycles are presented as a whole.

This way the alert eye can follow how the artist is gaining more and more in stylistic competence, how he starts to create depth with the use of light and shade, plasticity by adding white, how he contrasts transparency with graphic outlines, how he uses the writing as an ornamental element and how the figures relate to each other in an increasingly complex way.

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