Evgenij Kozlov - Евгений Козлов

Б.н. (Шок арт) / O.T. (Shock Art) / Untitled (Shock Art)

Filzstift, Collage/Computerpapier / felt pen, collage on computer print paper,
Перфорированная компьютерная бумага, коллаж, фломастер, 30.5 x 41.9 cm , 1986


This graphic work was made in the same style as the one based on the photograph AR35 but using a photographic image from a different film. The standing figure of a young woman later became the central element of the painting "When you start feeling muscles!" (collection of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg). In the painting the threatening figure on the right is transformed and mirrored to the left of the female figure, whereas to the right appears another subject from the AR series, AR11.

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When you start feeling muscles!
Когда вы начинаете чувствовать мускулы!
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