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"Ostalgia" at the "New Museum", New York, from July 14 through September 25, 2011.

selected press review

From the New Museum's press release:
New Museum, New York

New Museum, New York
E. Kozlov's Leningrad Album with a selection of 150 drawings
One day, in Leningrad in the late sixties, a boy—or maybe two—endowed with a sensitive judgment and feeling for art imagined the following: how might the best girls, mentally, intellectually and visually seen, dream of him, although not only that…”
So muses a young Evgenij Kozlov in his introduction to what is now known as The Leningrad Album, a collection of over 250 ink drawings Kozlov produced between the ages of twelve and eighteen. The dedication reads: Our dearest book. Dedicated to all youth and men in the world throughout the XXI, XXVI, XXXIX and LXIV centuries. In many of the drawings, Kozlov’s smoldering yet innocent erotica are inspired not only by his feverish imagination, but by the intimate quarters of the communal apartment complex, or Kommunalka, in which he was raised. Not yet considered a man, he was welcomed into the female world; his mother often took him to the women’s section of the sauna or brought him along when she went next door where the girls dressed and got ready to go out. Kozlov’s female neighbors, who make up the cast of girls that appear in his drawings, are often pictured performing sexual acts in the domestic settings of his youth. These drawings sprung from the mind of a boy consumed by longing—a boy whose early efforts at copying masterworks from the Hermitage Museum enabled him to chronicle his own sexual awakening with pen and paper. The drawings are both startlingly explicit and tenderly naïve as they expose the intimate fantasies of the young artist through his virile alter ego.

Ольга Копёнкина - Из жизни Других. Выставка «Остальгия» в Нью-Йорке
ART AKTIVIST Сен 25, 2011
... Больше связанными с темой выставки казались работы менее известных художников – Владимира Архипова, Евгения Козлова, Александра Лобанова, которые не совсем вписывались в привычный образ современного художника, манипулирующего визуальными образами. Авторы – скорее, сами персонажи своих произведений: y Архипова – это нечаянные изобретатели вещей, чьи имена и истории тщательно задокументированы художником, Козлова – подростковые эротические фантазии самого автора, Лобанова (глухонемого самоучки из российской провинции) – безотчетное увлечение иконографией оружия и советских медалей. more >>

ЕКАТЕРИНА ДЁГОТЬ - Письмо из Нью-Йорка: глоток дауншифтинга
OpenSpace-ru архив 21/09/2011
... Вот любительские фильмы польских рабочих, ходивших в киноклубы, среди них есть более авангардистские и менее; мне понравился совсем не авангардистский, где герой и героиня, сидя на типичной деревянной кухне, с какими-то вышивками на стенах, пьют водку, смотрят друг другу в глаза и молчат. О чем они молчат, можно представить себе по висящим рядом листам из альбома ленинградского мальчика Евгения Козлова, продиктованным обезумевшей подростковой сексуальностью (это довольно известный артефакт рубежа 1960—1970-х, юношеское творчество одного из «Новых художников»). more >>

CHEAP & PLASTIQUE MAGAZINE: evgenij kozlov (e-e)
Posted in art, berlin, collage, painting by cheapandplastique on September 16, 2011

Discovered Russian-born, Berlin-based, artist Evgenij Kozlov (aka E-E) at the Ostalgia group show at the New Museum. Ostalgia is up until October 2, 2011, you should check it out, there are some really good Russian artists (working in a variety of mediums) to see at this exhibition! more >>

The Good Old Days: Tales From the Golden Age and "Ostalgia" by J. Hoverman the village VOICE, published August 24, 2011
...The most ambitious pieces are serial in nature — Nikolay Bakharev's candid photos of Moscow sunbathers and teenaged Evgenij Kozlov's sweetly pornographic drawings of the Young Pioneers in his collective apartment — are forms of crypto-cinema. Movies are crucial to the exhibit. more >>

Leningrad Album by Kelly Rakowski, DEAR DIARY / TEENAGE FILM August 18, 2011
...These eye popping drawings are by 14-year-old Evgenij Kozlov, made in 1960s communist Russia. Some of the drawings from the 150 page Leningrad Album are now on view at the New Museum’s Ostaglia show. Inspired by the close quarters of communal housing and frequent trips to the public bath, young e-e (Evgenij’s tag) recorded his active imagination with incredibly mature, skillful pen and ink drawings. more >>

NYartRider, blog - 19.August 2011
.... Ostalgia conta com cerca de 50 aristas, de mais de 20 países oriundos da antiga União Soviética, que retratam, em diversas mídias, dramas pessoais e experiências coletivas de todos esses anos de transformações econômicas, políticas e culturais. As fotos do Boris Mikhailov e do Nikolay Bakharev, os desenhos eróticos do Evgenij Kozlov, os retratos do Sergey Zarva e as bombas do David Ter-Oganyan, estrategicamente espalhadas pelo prédio, merecem atenção especial. São trabalhos que abordam o isolamento e o desolamento, o medo, a inocência, o perigo e as descobertas de sociedades que culturalmente continuam muito próximas entre si, apesar das reconfigurações geográficas. more >>

The People’s Republic Of: Ostalgia at the New Museum by Sarah Hassan ARTWRIT Monthly | Issue No. 4 | August 2011
... The exhibit, which would take any number of days to truly cover and comprehend, is not without successful pieces. Many of these are extremely personal, such as the tender black and white photographs of Russian beach goers by Nikolay Bakharev, the erotic sketches of communal living ripe with boyhood fantasies from Evgenij Kozlov’s Leningrad Album and the beautifully bizarre self-portraits of Alexander Lobanov, a self-taught artist influenced by Soviet militaristic propaganda from his youth to his institutionalization. more >>

‘Ostalgia,’ at New York’s New Museum, draws back the Iron Curtain By ALICE THORSON The Kansas City Star Posted on Sat, Jul. 30, 2011 10:15 PM
The erotic drawings of Russian artist Evgenij Kozlov’s “Leningrad Album” — begun when he was 12 and completed when he was 18 — are also rooted in his childhood experience. Kozlov grew up in a communal apartment complex, where his mother’s female friends and neighbors dressed, undressed and took saunas with no thought to being modest in front of a child. more >>

When Repression Was a Muse by Holland Cotter. The New York Times, July 21, 2011
.... But then, the whole exhibition — organized by Massimiliano Gioni, the museum’s associate director and director of exhibitions — looks, and sounds, terrific. This too is a relatively new development for this institution. I’d come to think that art just couldn’t appear to advantage in its tall, blank galleries. But it can, and does. At least the art in this show does. It also conveys a depth of thought and feeling that seems unavailable to most of what’s in New York galleries right now. We too are in nostalgia mode at present, evident in countless variations on modernist painting in all kinds of flavors: figurative, abstract, expressionist, geometric. But it’s market product, all desserts. By contrast, even the slightest work in “Ostalgia” feels grounded in realities larger than itself. The result is a meal for adults, and a quiet highlight of the year. more >>

Eastern Promises: The New Museum Gets Post-Soviet with "Ostalgia". By Marcia E. Vetrocq Published: July 22, 2011 ARTINFO
.... "Ostalgia" has room for some fine oddities, too, like the drawings of benign-looking group sex in "The Leningrad Album" (1967-73) of Evgenij Kozlov (E-E) — the "E-E" translates as a Beatles-inspired "yeah-yeah." A teenager at the time, Kozlov appears to have been as interested in rendering sports gear and record players as garter belts and breasts. more >>

Lemon Oil | Paul McCartney Live, Potter Finale, Bald Aliens: N.Y. Weekend July 28, 2011 – 6:59 am. Bloomberg
There are the voluptuous fantasies of 14-year aged Evgenij Kozlov,found in his “Leningrad Album” and photographs of femaleGerman assembly lines workers by Helga Paris. The combined Chto Delat? gives us a timeline of theSoviet Bloc’s collapse, whilst Phil Collins interviews Marxistteachers who are left disorder after the drop of the Berlin Wall . More than 50 artists from Eastern Europe and the formerSoviet republics are represented in the New Museum’s ambitiousexhibition. “Ostalgie” is a German word that can explain a feelingof nostalgia is to Communist period during a time of tectonicshifts in ideology. “Ostalgia” runs by Sept. 25th at 235 Bowery.Information: +1-212-219-1222; more >>

«Остальгия» по социалистическому прошлому на выставке в Нью-Йорке. Мария Онучина, ARTinvestment.RU – 14.07.2011, 11:35
.... Ядро выставки — работы русских художников, отсылающие нас к истокам московского концептуализма и других направлений отечественного контемпорари-арта. Здесь со строгими картинами Эрика Булатова, инсталляциями Андрея Монастырского, рисунками Дмитрия Пригова и фотографиями Анатолия Осмоловского соседствуют эксцентричные автопортретыАлександра Лобанова, будничная поэзия видеоарта Ольги Чернышевой, ритуалистические работы Виктора Алимпиева и Евгения Антуфьева. Арт-группа «Что делать?» воссоздает хронику развала советского блока. Рядом с портретами, снятыми Николаем Бахаревым на сибирских пляжах, можно увидеть эротические рисунки 14-летнего Евгения Козлова, собранные на 150 страницах его Ленинградского альбома. more >>

Tear Down That Wall by John Haber
When the artists do look back, they seek freedom between the lines of a brutal society. Several use photograph to rescue people them from collectivization—from Michael Schmidt in Berlin to Helga Paris and Boris Mikhailov in factory towns. Tibor Hajas blends hippies, men in suits, and the Hungarian working class into a pretend fashion show. Nikolay Bakharev, Andris Grïnbergs, and Evgenij Kozlov even turn the their subjects into erotica. more >>

The 9 Per Week Project (Natalie's blog)
I visited the New Museum this afternoon to see the Ostalgia exhibition (my favorite part: the NSFW drawings of Evgenij Kozlov as a teenager). The 7th floor of the museum hosts the spacious Sky Room, which leads out onto a roof terrace with incredible views of downtown. more >>

‘Ostalgia': A Walk Around the Bloc. By Christian Viveros-Fauné Wednesday, July 13 2011, the village VOICE
(An interview with Massimiliano Gioni) .... (Question) In the catalog for 'Ostalgia,' you say that the structure of the exhibition emulates the territory it attempts to give voice to. (Answer) It is largely constructed as an archive. The second floor of the museum is made into a series of rooms where works are presented in rigid ensembles, duplicating a sort of bureaucratic organization based on grids, lines, large catalogs. This is where we present Mladen Stilinovic´'s 449-page Dictionary of Pain, Boris Mikhailov's photographs from the 1970s, Vladimir Arkhipov's archive of found objects, Evgenij Kozlov's erotic diary, and Aneta Grzeszykowska's family album, in which she erases herself from every picture. more >>

La 'Ostalgia' por el bloque soviético en una gran muestra en NY . La Jornada, (Mexico) 5 - 8 - 2011 / El Universal (Caracas) / terra (Perú) / Milenio (Ciudad de México) / Viva el Arte (Chile)
La muestra incluye un espacio dedicado exclusivamente a contar la historia desde el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
.... La represión de aquellos años está presente en muchos trabajos de "Ostalgia", como se puede ver en las fantasías eróticas del "Album de Leningrado" de 150 páginas, dibujado a los 14 años por el ruso Evgenij Kozlov (1955, San Petersburgo). more >>

Фрики соцлагеря. Искусство Восточной Европы в нью-йоркском New Museum. Валентин Дьяконов. Коммерсанть №130 (4671) от 19.07.11
В крупнейшем смотре восточноевропейского искусства за последние десять лет под заголовком "Ostalgia" в нью-йоркском New Museum участвуют 57 художников, из которых 17 русских. Содиректор "Нового музея" Массимильяно Джиони работал над выставкой (которую поддержали фонд Victoria – The Art Of Being Contemporary и Christie`s) несколько лет. Из Нью-Йорка – Валентин Дьяконов.
.... На этом перекрестке "Остальгия" вступает на территорию "Русского бедного", но не только нищета средств интересует куратора. Образцы советской эротики представлены в диапазоне от Михайлова и Николая Бахарева до соратника "Новых художников" Евгения Козлова, после посещения Эрмитажа в нежном возрасте 12 лет разразившегося серией рисунков о сексуальных фантазиях советского пионера. Утопическая живопись Павла Пепперштейна о новой столице России обнаруживает сходство с милитаристскими фантазиями наивного художника Александра Лобанова. more >>

„Ostalgia“ in New York Von Turin über Polen nach New York. Von Jordan Mejias, New York faz.net 22. Juli 2011
.... Während Evgenij Kozlov in den erotisch überhitzten Zeichnungen, zu denen er sich als Teenager gedrängt fühlte, die aufreizende Enge einer Gemeinschaftswohnung beschwört, reiht der Serbe Mladen Stilinovic für sein „Wörterbuch des Schmerzes“ die Seiten im obsessiven Minimalismus einer Hanne Darboven aneinander und ersetzt alle Wortdefinitionen mit dem Wort „Schmerz“. more >>

“Ostalgia” EAST INFECTION by Walter Robinson, editor of Artnet Magazine. July 17, 2001 artnet.com
.... More interesting is the gridded installation of 150 drawings by the Russian-born, Berlin-based artist Evgenij Kozlov (b. 1955) from his Leningrad Album, which he made as a feverishly oversexed (and artistically precocious) teenager in 1967-73. Done almost coloring-book-style in an adolescent hand -- and resembling at first glance the vulgar “Sex to Sexty” cartoons used by Richard Princeand Mike Kelley -- the drawings are pornographic and imaginative, and perhaps more importantly set in the claustrophobic rooms of a communal block apartment. Clearly, political oppression and sexual repression make good bedfellows. more >>

Rezension des "Leningrader Albums" von Barbara Kerneck. taz, 23. 3. 2004
Schamlose Frauen. Mit rotem Kopf skizziert: Evgenij Kozlovs "Leningrader Album", das seine höchst erotischen Schülerzeichnungen aus den Jahren 1968 bis 1973 zeigt. more >>

Ostalgia Остальгия


Massimiliano Gioni:
“I wanted the ‘Leningrad Album’ to be a corner stone and foundation for the exhibition.” 

read interview >>

Массимилиано Джони:
«Я хотел, чтобы Ленинградский альбом стал краеугольным камнем, основой всей выставки.»

читать интервью >>

drawings and printed book edition >> рисунки и книга >>

to order a copy of the book please contact: Hannelore Fobo, halo.fobo@t-online.de

distribution en France: les presses du réel

New York: New Museum Store, 235 Bowery / New York NY 10002

Ostalgia artists: Vyacheslav Akhunov, Victor Alimpiev, Evgeny Antufiev, Vladimir Arkhipov, Said Atabekov, Nikolay Bakharev, Mirosław Bałka, Irina Botea, Geta Brătescu, Anatoly Brusilovsky, Erik Bulatov, Olga Chernysheva, Chto Delat?, Phil Collins, Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska, Tacita Dean, Stanislav Filko, Hermann Glöckner, Ion Grigorescu, Andris Grīnbergs, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Tibor Hajas, Petrit Halilaj, Hamlet Hovsepian, Sanja Ivekovic, Július Koller, Jiří Kovanda, Evgenij Kozlov (E-E), Edward Krasiński, Alexander Lobanov, Jonas Mekas, Boris Mikhailov, Andrei Monastyrski, Deimantas Narkevičius, Paulina Ołowska, Roman Ondák, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Helga Paris, Pavel Pepperstein, Susan Philipsz, Viktor Pivovarov, Dmitri Prigov, Anri Sala, Michael Schmidt, Thomas Schütte, Simon Starling, Mladen Stilinovic, David Ter-Oganyan, Jaan Toomik, Andra Ursuta, Andro Wekua, The Workshop of the Film Form (Wojciech Bruszewski, Józef Robakowski, Ryszard Waśko), Sergey Zarva, Jasmila Žbanic, Anna Zemánkova.