Е-Е (Евгений Козлов)

E-E (Evgenij Kozlov)

E-E music - 85, Soviet Top Hit Pop songs from the 50es and 60es in a remix in the style of the 1980s

3 music-cassettes including plastic cassette cover, cassettes 2 x45 minutes, design on paper with time code, paper sheet with list of songs. From record to cassette with scratching, 6.9 x 10.9 x 1.5, end of 1990s


E-E music - 85 (1.) POPS TO HOUSE
including Swallows, Clouds, Today the girls have a party, Little white bear, All happens in May, and others

E-E music - 85 (2.) ELECTRO TO DUB
including I walk and sing, You will stay with me for 100 years, Swans, Soon there will be fall, and others

E-E music - 85 (3.) AMBIENT TO DOWNBEAT
including Sit down next to me, Dark night, I can't dance, We must talk, and others