Е-Е (Евгений Козлов)

E-E (Evgenij Kozlov)

Вадим Садовников, б.н. (ART из СССР, Евгений Козлов, сумки, трусы, футболка), фотография напечатана Евгением Козловым

Vadim Sadovnikov, untitled (Art from the USSR - Evgenij Kozlov with handbags, shirt and short)
vintage print by Evgenij Kozlov , 23.9 x 18.2 cm, 1988


In a photo session with Vadim Sadovnikov, E-E and Vadim presented a cross section of E-E's "ART iz CCCP" ("ART from the USSR"), including paintings, clothes and a fish. The smiling t-shirt and the airplane shorts, in combination with two or more handbags, make a classic dress code for an evening out.

Text: Hannelore Fobo, 2007