Е-Е (Евгений Козлов)

E-E (Evgenij Kozlov)

«КИНО» Коллаж, картон, цветная бумага, фотографии,
"KINO", Collage, Fotografie, farbiges Papier, Karton. Collage, photograph vintage prints, paper, cardboard. 225 x 80 cm, 1985
The Muzeum Sztuki Collection, Lodz, Poland


One of the largest collages by Evgenij Kozlov, this work uses some graphic elements of the artist's LP cover for KINO's "Natchalnik Kamtchatki" as well as the portraits from the photo session. The black vertical strips, like the black keys of the piano on the left, give the composition a highly musical rhythm. Reference to the world of cinematography is made with the image of a movie projector to the right.

Text: Hannelore Fobo, 2007

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