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• Sergey Kuryokhin and Pop Mekhanika – all documents
• Сергей Курёхин и Поп-механика – все документы

Hannelore Fobo

Sergey Kuryokhin: Improvisations and Performances

Part Three

Empire and Magic. Sergey Kuryokhin's “Pop-Mekhanika No. 418” (1995)

13 August 2018

page 1Introduction >>

page 2Pop-Mekhanika – a National Bolshevik Party Band? >>

page 3Everything related to America is horrible! >>

page 4The “hedgehog type” model of an empire and other paradoxes >>

page 5A new spark for Pop-Mekhanika: Aleister Crowley >>

page 6The Helsinki and Saint Petersburg performances >>

page 7PM No 418. Limonov’s speech: Dugin's “The Burden of Angels” >>

page 8PM No 418. Dugin’s speech: “chaos magic” and Crowley's “Ararita” >>

page 9 • Dugin and the salvation of mankind. >>

page 10Revolution: a question of style? >>

page 11It’s magic! >>

page 12Works cited >>

Other documents:

Александр Полищук 'Поп-механика в ДК Ленсовета' 1995 >>
Aleksandr Polishchuk, 'Pop-Mekahnika at the DK Lensoviet' (PM 418), 1995 (in Russian and English)

review in Rock Fuzz №26, October 1995

Uploaded 13 August 2018